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The Arboretum is committed to creating educational opportunities for all age groups to learn and connect with the Colorado Plateau and the native environment of Northern Arizona.


Learn about our mission and the Arboretum’s founder, Frances McAllister, her generosity, passion for gardens and the history of how the Arboretum became.

Staff & Jobs

Find out about our current job openings and internship opportunities. See our current staff members and board.

Summer Camps

Our ever popular summer camps are always a fantastic outdoor adventure for kids ages 4-13.

Trustees & Donors

Our current board members and a full list of all constituents who have donated to our organization over the last year. We couldn’t do this without you!

Gardening Tips

Adequate planning and preparation is essential for high desert gardeners in Flagstaff. The short growing season and erratic freezes present a unique challenge. Learn more from our experienced staff about seasonal gardening tips, water conservation practices, and browse through our directory of regional native flora.

Summer Camp Scholarships

We currently do not have any scholarships available, we are actively looking for sponsors for our Summer Camps so we can offer scholarships to the many families who inquire about them. Please contact Lisa Doskocil at if you are interested in sponsoring our camps, or know an organization who may be.